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The Emergency Measures Committee (EMC) met on December 2 to discuss amended travel restrictions.

As many of you are aware, we’ve experienced COVID outbreaks in the NASS and at the LNG plant in Kitimat. We are also monitoring potential contacts elsewhere which, to date, appear to be under control. We are trying to balance community safety while at the same time trying not to impose unnecessary stress on our members. This is extremely difficult.

The Committee decided:

  1. The corridor remains the same – Lax Kw’Alaams to Prince Rupert.
  2. Members from Prince Rupert ONLY are allowed to enter Lax Kw’Alaams. This also applies to medical health professionals and contractors. This is a change, so please take note.
  3. Residents who must travel under the category of “patient travel” and who go beyond the Prince Rupert corridor, must isolate.
  4. The isolation period has changed from 14 days to 10 days. This new requirement follows new CDC guidelines. Within that 10-day period, there must be no sign of elevated temperature, breathing difficulty, or any signs of COVID.
  5. Students from outside the corridor are allowed in for Christmas but the entire family must isolate for 10 days. We understand the hurt this will cause our families, but outbreaks in the Lower Mainland and Alberta loom around us.
  6. Teachers cannot travel outside the corridor during Christmas.
  7. All ferry passengers must book, whether they drive on or walk on. We’ve instituted a preliminary screening process where the manifest is reviewed prior to it being forwarded to the Captains. If you show up at the last minute, there is no guarantee you will be allowed on the ferry.
  8. Some members have been highly abusive toward ferry personnel. Some have lied as to where they were. The Band reserves the right to refuse any further ferry service for anyone violating the rules or abusing our staff. This ban will last until COVID is under control and all residents have been provided access to the vaccine.

Our next meeting will be December 8. We continue to monitor the situation on an hourly basis and will adjust our Advisory if necessary.

Be safe.

Garry Reece,


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