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As Mayor of Lax Kw’alaams and as the individual responsible for emergency measures in our community, I take this extraordinary action to protect the well being of our residents.

BC has suffered seven deaths from COVID 19. There are now 83 new confirmed cases in our province and as I write this letter, that number will increase. BC has now declared a public health emergency. In the Unites States, where the virus knows no border, health care professionals estimate that as many as 2 million deaths could occur unless we take preventative actions. We will get through this, but we need to take action to reduce the spread of the virus.

How do we do this?

Until such time as the vaccine is developed, and that will take months, we have to reduce social interaction and implement hand cleansing, surface cleansing, refrain from shaking hands, and sneezing into our sleeves. Where possible, we must stay at home. Each of these actions is targeted toward one objective: STOP THE SPREAD OF THE VIRUS.

There are times when a leader must stick his head out and take decisive action to protect his community. There will always be critics but in the end, true leadership must take critical action for the good of all. I therefore make the following decisions in the interest of Lax Kw’alaams.

Effective immediately:

  1. All non-residents will not be allowed to enter the community. Ferry personnel will restrict and enforce this decision.
  2. Non-residents currently in the community are permitted to remain, but once they leave they will not be allowed re-entry.
  3. Senior travel to Rupert for groceries is stopped. You may go on your own but we have suspended the seniors’ bus. We do not wish to encourage travel.
  4. The Band will be purchasing significant groceries, primarily for seniors. Please respect this food bank. Don’t be selfish, restrict what you get. Think of your community.
  5. Other residents are asked to restrict travel to Rupert for groceries and essentials. If you can do your shopping here, please use that option.
  6. The pool and gym will close immediately.
  7. The office is closed in the morning. Public is allowed to come in during the afternoon only until further notice. Please only come in if absolutely necessary.
  8. Essential services will continue (water, sewer, garbage)
  9. All schools are closed until further notice.

We thank all residents for their understanding. These measures are to protect you. Where possible, stay at home. Be safe.

Garry Reece

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