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Updated: Monday July 24, 2023

The Lax Kw’alaams Band would like to acknowledge the youth who are representing Lax Kw’alaams at the North American Indigenous Games, July 15-23, 2023 in Nova Scotia. This international event happens every 4 years.

The Lax Kw’alaams youth received 3 medals in total. Kendra Sampson received 2 bronze medals for discus and javelin. Rylan Brooks placed 2nd in javelin. Congratulations Keni and Rylan!

The entire delegation of Team BC finished in second place, to Saskatchewan and followed by Ontario. Team BC achieved 53 gold, 63 silver, and 45 bronze, for a total of 175 medals in the tournament.

  • Rylan Brooks – Athletics Roster (Track and Field)
    • Placed 2nd in javelin
  • Kendra Sampson – Athletics Roster (Track and Field)
    • Placed 3rd in discus
    • Placed 3rd in javelin
  • Laci Sampson – 14U Female Basketball
  • Mae Sankey – 14U Female Basketball
  • Caleb Tait – 16U Male Basketball
  • Norman Faithful Jr. – 19U Male Volleyball

The 14U Female Basketball team, represented by Laci Sampson, Mae Sankey and Team BC, made it to the quarter finals, but lost to Manitoba. Their results were:

  • Preliminary Pool A
    • BC 20 vs. Washington 0 (Forfeit)
    • BC 35 vs. Minnesota 18
    • Alberta 42 vs. BC 38
  • Quarter final
    • BC 34 vs. Manitoba 44

The 16U Male Basketball team, represented by Caleb Tait and Team BC, made it as far as the finals, but lost to Eastern Door and the North in the bronze medal game. Their results were:

  • Preliminary Pool B
    • BC 73 vs. Haudenosaunee 29
    • Alberta 67 vs. BC 72
    • BC 66 vs. Eastern Door and the North 62
  • Semi-Final
    • BC 64 vs. Wisconsin 73
  • Final (competing for bronze medal)
    • BC 64 vs. Eastern Door and the North 73

The 19U Male Volleyball team, represented by Norman Faithful Jr and Team BC, competed in Preliminary Pool A with 2 wins and 2 losses (8 sets total), however did not progress in the tournament.

  • Preliminary Pool A
    • BC 25, 25 vs. Eastern Door and the North 15, 18 (2 sets)
    • BC 24, 20 vs. Manitoba 26, 25 (2 sets)
    • BC 25, 25 vs. Nunavut 11, 20 (2 sets)
    • Alberta 25, 25 vs. BC 17, 15 (2 sets)

The youth in the track and field competition were chosen to represent Team BC based on their athletic performance throughout the year.

Those competing in the team sports (basketball and volleyball) attended tryouts in order to compete for Team BC.

The games will host more than 5,000 athletes from North America. Athletes will compete in 16 sports across 21 venues in Kjipuktuk (Halifax), Dartmouth, Millbrook First Nation and Sipekne’katik. Team BC is comprised of 535 Indigenous athletes in total.

View the 2023 Competition Results here

Images submitted by Siri Svensson.

Images submitted by Jada Dennis.

Images from Team BC NAIG Facebook page and Flickr.

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