DFO is hosting an open house for public engagement on the Northern Shelf Bioregion Marine Protected Areas Network Plan. This proposal could have serious impacts for our commercial fishery and community.

Please help us fill the house and make your voice heard!

What is it?

A proposed network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) which would cover 102,000 km2 of coastal waters from Northern Vancouver Island to the Alaskan Boarder. A plan was created by a partnership between DFO, BC and 17 partner First Nations. Many other Nations are not currently a partner in the planning process.

Why should we care?

The proposed network may seriously impact commercial fisheries through potential closures, but we are not sure what this would look like because there are no management measures in the plan. Because of the lack of information, it is difficult to provide feedback or suggest changes to protect the various fisheries. If the plan is endorsed, we have no idea what kinds of management measures will be implemented or how they could affect our community.

Learn more

DFO and their partners are hosting an open house at the Prince Rupert Recreation Complex, 1000 McBride on Wednesday Octobter 19th from 3-8pm. Go down, take friends and family, ask questions, and let’s make sure that our concerns are addressed.

For more info contact Penny White, Lax Kw’alaams Fisheries: [email protected]

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