Due to circumstances with the clinic building plumbing, the clinic will be closed except for emergencies only.  Anyone with emergencies will need to call 3331 FIRST, please do not just show up.  Entry into the clinic will be from the emergency entrance only.  No entry will be allowed from the front or side doors of the clinic.

FNHA is in the community to assess the situation with the contractors that will be repairing the issues.

Programs will be suspended temporarily for the necessary repairs.

  •  Homecare staff are working with the clinic nurses to ensure meds are delivered and elders are cared for.  Patient travel clerk will continue to work on patient travel needs.
  • Meals on Wheels will continue, and meals will be delivered

We apologize for the inconvenience.  We hope to be up and running again very soon.  We will update the community on a weekly basis or sooner if the situation changes.

Health Care Staff

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