2020 12 30 Biotoxin Update (7) – Mussel Samples Only

General Information

Area openings are dependent upon regular submission and analysis of samples for biotoxin analysis, as set out in a biotoxin monitoring protocol administered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).  

Three consecutive mussel samples, along with a sample of the targeted food species containing acceptable levels of biotoxin must be received in order for CFIA to recommend lifting a harvest restriction in an area.  CFIA will recommend lifting the biotoxin prohibition and a harvest site can then be considered by DFO for fisheries openings.  Once an area is open, on-going submission of mussel samples is required to maintain the opening.  CFIA will recommend closure of the harvest area to DFO if there is a lapse in sample submissions or if unacceptable levels of  toxin are detected (>80 ug STXdiHCl eq/100g; >20 ppm domoic acid (ASP); >0.2 ug /g Okadoic Acid /DTX Toxin and/or Pectenotoxin (DSP)).

Harvest Date: 2020 12 12

Result Date:   2020 12 18


STATION:                          DFO STAT AREA:

PASSED (<25 ug)             STEAMER PASSAGE                         3 –  08

                                           OPEN FOR COCKLES and BUTTER CLAMS (Siphonless)

PASSED (<25 ug)              CANOE PASSAGE                              3  –  07


PASSED (<25 ug)              PEARL HARBOUR                              4 – 06

                                             OPEN FOR BUTTER CLAMS (Siphonless)

PASSED (<25 ug)            CLAM INLET                                        4  –  05


FAILED (160 ug)                 CANOE PASSAGE                              3  –  07                  Whole Butter Clams


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lax Kw’alaams Fisheries at 250-627-8509 or email [email protected].

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