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Recently a Total of 17 Cases

Currently 11 active cases in Community
Patients and Families are Isolating

COVID-19 is now becoming more common in many communities. Thankfully, being
vaccinated is the first line of defense against the seriousness of this illness.

Please do not travel if you are sick
If you are sick, follow these steps:

Please help us stop the spread by getting tested and adhering to the guidelines
By knowing if you are positive or negative can keep our most vulnerable safe.
Please follow BC guidelines and our Nurses directions if you are asked to isolate.

If you fail to Isolate as requested, you will be fined $750 for not following COVID Rules laid out by Lax Kw’alaams Council.

 Stay home except to get medical care / Stay separate from other people in
your home
 Wear a mask / Stay at least 6 feet apart from others.
 Wash your hands often / Cover your coughs and sneezes
 Clean high-touch surfaces every day
 Stay in a specific room as much as possible
 If possible, you should use a separate bathroom
 If you need to be around other people in the home, wear a mask.

When to seek emergency medical attention

 Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, shortness of breath.
 If you have trouble breathing.
 Persistent pain or pressure in the chest.
 Inability to wake or stay awake.
 Pale, gray blue nail beds or lips.

If these symptoms are present, please call 250-625-3331 and discuss the next
steps with the nurses.

Vaccinations are now available at the clinic. Please call to make an appointment
if you need your 1st , 2nd or booster vaccine.

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