Health Director

Full time
Lax Kw'alaams, BC
Posted 3 weeks ago
2024-06-24 (Closing Date)

Health Director

Date Classified: May 28, 2024                                                         

Business Unit: Health Centre

Location: Lax Kw’alaams, BC                                                    

Reporting to: Chief Administrative Officer

The Lax Kw’alaams Band has an immediate opening for a permanent full-time Health Director.

The successful candidate will be responsible for supporting the Health Centre and Employees in the planning, organization, development, promotion and evaluation of the Health and Social Development programs, ensuring efficient and quality health services to the community. This position will also perform supervisory, administrative and professional duties. The Health Director will live and work in the Lax Kw’alaams Community.



  • Provide leadership, guidance, mentorship and strategic direction planning, organizing, implementing, maintaining and evaluating culturally relevant and safe health and wellness programs and services.
  • Conduct this in a culturally safe environment for employees and clients, respecting the cultural protocols and traditions of Lax Kw’alaams.
  • Provide a safe and productive work environment for staff that is free of harassment, bullying and discrimination as outlined in the Human Resource Manual.
  • Collaborate in the development of, and implement, evaluate new and culturally relevant, safe health and wellness programs / services with local First Nation representatives.
  • Promote community health, First Nations concepts and traditions regarding wellness and healthy ways of being. 
  • Advocate for the health and wellness needs of the community.
  • Coordinate intervention, directly or indirectly, in emergency, trauma and crisis situations.
  • Organize and host community health and wellness events and engagements.
  • Ensure programs and services are in compliance with legislation and organizational policy, processes and procedures.


  • Lead consultative processes regarding community health planning needs and opportunities, including identification of relevant community health and wellness priorities.
  • Create, implement, evaluate and monitor Nation-based community health and wellness plans, including both existing and emerging health and wellness needs; incorporating input from community and other health system professionals.
  • Ensure emergency management, preparedness planning and/or pandemic planning is in place and well communicated to Lax Kw’alaams community.
  • Plan for existing and emerging health and wellness needs, including soliciting input from the community and other health system professionals resulting in the development of Nation-based community health and wellness plans.


  • Develop, implement and evaluate culturally relevant and safe policies, processes and procedures, including amendments as needed.
  • Ensure financial management of programs and services including all financial accountabilities and funding requirement compliance.
  • Proactively seek out diverse funding sources to sustain health and wellness programs, including grants and funding opportunities.
  • Prepare and monitor work plans, including reporting through regular and annual reports.
  • Manage the budget and financial reports of the health and wellness programs and services, including efficient utilization of the funding.
  • Access and apply research and innovation to community health and wellness polices/ programs.
  • Ensure accurate and timely financial and budgetary reporting and audits.


  • Proactively build and nurture collaborative and respectful working relationships with First Nations in BC, health and wellness partners and government agencies: utilize these relationships as an avenue to assist the community in achieving its health / wellness goals and objectives.
  • Respect cultural protocols and embrace the diversity of knowledge systems.
  • Serve as a liaison, connector and convener between the community and its health system partners.
  • Collaborate with neighbouring Health Directors, Community Hubs, etc.
  • Build and nurture collaborative, respectful and culturally safe working relationships with community members.


  • Provide technical advice to First Nations leadership (Chief and Council, Regional Caucus, Regional Table, FNHDA, etc.) to improve health / wellness programs and services and to promote self determination.
  • Collaborate with the FNHDA, FNHA, FNHC, Regional Health Authorities, Nation Assemblies, etc., to build effective partnerships that will improve the health and wellness of the community they serve by being an active member at applicable meetings.
  • Facilitate communication with health system partners with a view to addressing community health / wellness opportunities and challenges.
  • Communicate effectively with community members and diverse partners about health opportunities and challenges in an informed and knowledgeable manner.
  • Ensure Chief and Council have a base knowledge of community health and wellness issues, ensuring they appreciate the value of the community health and wellness programs and services.


  • Maintain membership with the First Nations Health Directors Association – mandated to support First Nations Health Directors and other community health organizations in BC.
  • Lead and provide day-to-day supervision of health staff and contractors, including all aspects of human resources management. This includes describing work, recruitment, learning and development planning, career planning, coaching, mentoring, sharing of knowledge, capacity building, performance management, etc.
  • Foster a cooperative and collaborative working environment through team activities, personal leadership and professional incentives, including the management and resolution of conflicts.
  • Proactively seek out diverse funding sources to sustain health and wellness programs, including grants and funding opportunities.
  • Act as the community health and wellness team’s “go-to person.”
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate community health and wellness programs by involving community members.
  • Build an effective community health and wellness team through recruitment and retention strategies.
  • Facilitate and provide leadership and advocacy to the change management agenda and activities


  • Understand, communicate and uphold the vision of community leadership.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle grounded in cultural tradition, including achieving work/life balance and engaging in self-care and promote this to community members and health staff.


  • A university degree in Human Services, Health Sciences, Social Work, Nursing or Health Care Management


  • A diploma in the above studies plus two years of management experience.
  • Successful completion of the First Nations Health Directors Association Certification Program (or be willing to obtain).
  • A combination of Education and Work Experience may be considered for an otherwise viable candidate.


  • Experience in the development of culturally relevant programs and services, including monitoring and evaluation, ideally with a health focus.
  • Demonstrated experience in management and leadership of staff and contractors.
  • Demonstrated experience in people management including describing work, recruitment, learning, development and career planning, coaching, mentoring, and performance management.
  • Experience in collaborative planning at a community level, ideally with a health and social services focus, including monitoring and evaluation.
  • Experience in the collaborative and integrated development, implementation, monitoring and reporting on community health and wellness plans.
  • Demonstrated experience working with First Nations, including leadership.


  • Experience in First Nations health services management and leadership.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the political, cultural and spiritual protocols of the First Nations community served.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the health and wellness challenges and opportunities specific to the community served.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the historical factors and trauma, e.g., residential schools, aspects of colonization, etc., that are relevant to the community’s health and wellness challenges.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the social determinants of health, e.g., health services, housing, food security, education, social safety network, etc.
  • Current knowledge and understanding of the First Nations health system in BC, as well as the tripartite relationships between Canada, BC and the FNHA.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the key governing documents in the BC First Nation health care landscape such as: Tripartite First Nations Health Plan; Resolution 2011-01 and the Consensus Paper 2011, BC First Nations Perspective on a New Health Governance; Resolution 2012-01 and the Consensus Paper 2012, Navigating the Currents of Change – Transitioning to a New First Nations Health Governance Structure; and the Tripartite Framework Agreement on First Nations Health.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the services, structures, legislation, regulations and processes regarding First Nations health and wellness in BC, including on- and off-reserve jurisdiction issues and decisions.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Privacy Act and legislation that is applicable to the First Nations Health Departments, British Columbia’s Employment Standards Act, and other legislation that is applicable to the Health Director role.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the structure of health and wellness services in BC and how the health systems interact.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the health and wellness programs, services and related resources offered by First Nations organizations as well as by the federal and provincial governments.
  • In depth Knowledge of planning approaches and tools.
  • Demonstrated Knowledge of the principles and theories behind accurate data and information management, as it applies to health planning and reporting.
  • Demonstrated Knowledge of basic financial and budgeting processes and protocols.
  • Demonstrated in-depth Knowledge and skills on leadership and management processes, tools and protocols.


  • Ability to build and foster a trusting relationship with key partners,
  • Ability to build a culturally safe work environment for the employees and community members.
  • Ability to lead consultative processes regarding community health needs and opportunities.
  • Ability to identify relevant community health priorities through involvement and consultation with community members.
  • Ability to promote public health, First Nations concepts of health and wellness and healthy ways of being.
  • Ability to provide culturally relevant and safe health and wellness programs and services.
  • Ability to access and apply research and innovation to community health and wellness policies, programs and services.
  • Ability to coordinate interventions, directly and indirectly, in trauma and crisis situations.
  • Ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of the scope of the Health Director role, including the setting of professional boundaries, by clarifying the scope of the role to Chief and Council and others, and ensure that boundaries are not crossed.
  • Ability to embrace change and demonstrate flexibility.
  • Ability to foster significant internal and external relationships.
  • Ability to establish and maintain collaborative partnerships and sustainable relationships between BC First Nations, health and wellness organizations, and government agencies to achieve the goal of improving health and wellness in Lax Kw’alaams.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with Chief and Council, community members and health system partners.
  • Ability to organize and host community health events and engagements.
  • Ability to negotiate with, and influence, health system partners.
  • Liaison, connector and convenor skills and abilities to ensure strong connections between communities and health partners.
  • Effective interpersonal skills and abilities to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and points of view.
  • Ability to provide leadership to, and manage, a health service delivery team and program including financial and people management competencies and skills.
  • Ability to utilize current and relevant technology skills, such as word processing, spreadsheets, basic accounting software and social media.


  • Lead by example and demonstrate leadership, trust, respect, honour, integrity, creativity, humility, courage and truth while achieveing results by involving and empowering staff.
  • Respectful of the unique cultural and spiritual teachings of Lax Kw’alaams.
  • Serve as an active and informed leader in the provision of health and wellness services to Lax Kw’alaams.
  • Serve the community thoughtfully and in accordance to their unique health priorities and needs.
  • Carry out the role of a Health Director with integrity and responsibility.
  • A curious life-long learner who communicates to create compelling dialogue and engagement with wide and diverse audiences.
  • Committed to improved health and wellness outcomes for Lax Kw’alaams


  • Salary offer will be based on Education and Experience
  • Health, Dental Benefits, Pension

Submission Deadline

  • June 24, 2024.
  • Pursuant to Section 41 of the BC Human Rights Code, preference may be given to qualified applicants of Indigenous Ancestry.
  • We invite all interested parties to reply in the strictest confidence to the Human Resources

Email:  [email protected]

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