Greenhouse Coordinator

Posted 8 months ago

Greenhouse Coordinator

Date Classified: November 14, 2023

Location: Lax Kw’alaams, BC
Business Unit: Wap Suwilaawksa

Reporting to: Principal

The Lax Kw’alaams Band and the Wap Suwilaawksa School have an immediate opening for a Greenhouse Coordinator. The primary focus of this position is to work closely with staff and students to deliver educational workshops demonstrating how we can become more food secure. In addition, our goal is to integrate parents and community members into greenhouse activities. This role requires an individual who is passionate about community-building, organic food practices and local sustainability.

Duties and Responsibilities will include but not be limited to:
Working with the school and community:
▪ Work closely with teachers and students on a daily basis to educate about the entire growing, harvesting and maintenance process of the greenhouse.
▪ Organize greenhouse-related educational workshops for community members in the growing dome.
▪ Host regular gatherings with parents and other community members (cooking days, drying tea, etc).
▪ Work to foster the relationship between the school and the community through greenhouse activities.
▪ Work independently with a class of students to deliver greenhouse curriculum.
▪ Work with staff to bring long-term plans for the greenhouse to fruition.
▪ Maintain regular posts and communication through the Growing Dome Facebook page.
▪ Work with the school Kitchen Programs to plan grow cycles based on their needs.

Greenhouse Knowledge (training is available for this part):
▪ Experience in organic gardening is considered an asset.
▪ Familiarity with the growing dome’s layout, design and technology including ventilation system, location and utilization of agricultural tools and functionality of equipment (thermal pool, heater, lighting, etc.).
▪ Inspect dome technology and gardening equipment to check for disrepair and maintain properly,
facilitate orders to replace equipment as needed.
▪ Perform daily systems checks, nutrients levels, greenhouse temperature, new growth and troubleshooting.
▪ Maintain accurate records of crops, harvests, and produce donated or sold.
▪ Maintain accurate records of seed inventory, equipment, packaging, vendors, other activities or items related to operations.
▪ Manage irrigation, fertigation, lighting and heat requirements for operations.
▪ Germinate seeds using greenhouse equipment.
▪ Maintain crop cycles through transplanting, identifying disease and malnutrition.
▪ Determine demand of market, plan grow cycles and cultivation activities based on school and community needs.
▪ Maintain proper health and safety protocol (i.e., safe food handling and storage) of produce, maintain a clean workspace and know sanitization protocols.

Experience and Knowledge:
▪ Knowledge and sensitivity to cultural practices and traditions in the workplace and community (i.e., medicinal plants, protocols, smudging, ceremonial fires).
▪ Knowledgeable on current program offerings, career paths, food security programs and educational materials to educate and promote community members, local schools, and surrounding communities
The incumbent must be willing to receive training, or be proficient in the following areas:
▪ Foodsafe certification preferred.
▪ Knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
▪ Trained in Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).
▪ Ability to read and understand labels and instructions, particularly on the use and application of chemicals, products, equipment and machinery.
▪ Keep up to date on new information and research in the greenhouse/growing dome industry. Participate in training with Green Iglu Technicians online and in person during onsite training skills.

Required Skills:
▪ Excellent people skills and the ability to work closely with people of diverse backgrounds and ages.
▪ Self-motivated and willing to learn. Organized.
▪ Strong decision making skills.
▪ Strong problem solving abilities.
▪ Excellent time management and ability to schedule and assign tasks.
▪ Ability to work with little or no supervision or as a team.
▪ Physical Demands: Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
▪ This position demands good physical and mental health. The Greenhouse Coordinator will be required
to lift, carry, walk, sit, push, pull, bend and work a flexible schedule.
▪ Heavy loads may need to be carried.
▪ Ability to work in various weather conditions and tolerate insects will be required.
▪ Basic computer skills to maintain inventory logs, reports and use professional email communication.

Compensation & Benefits
▪ Wages will be: $27 per hour
▪ Hours will be: up to 40 hours per week
▪ Option to job share between two people and divide up hours based on needs of both parties.
▪ This is a Bargaining Unit position and is open to all genders.

Submission Deadline:
▪ December 1, 2023.
▪ Pursuant to Section 41 of the BC Human Rights Code, preference may be given to applicants of Indigenous Ancestry.
▪ We invite all interested parties to reply in the strictest confidence to the Human Resources Manager, Email : [email protected]

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