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Construction of the helicopter pad started Friday April 28, 2023 and will continue for approximately 12 weeks.

A wind sock, camera pole, weather station and backup electrical generator are new features that will soon be installed. The helicopter pad will be expanded by 3-3.5 meters from the perimeter of the old helipad, and include ground lights.

The construction team is currently working on:

  • final excavation of the site
  • forming and placing rebar for the concrete work
  • installing electrical conduits

The team is also waiting for back ordered electrical parts. Adventure Paving is the prime contractor. BC Hydro will be installing power to the site in the coming weeks.

There is an alternate helicopter landing site set up near the Coast Tsimshian Fish Plant. Please keep this area clear in case of emergencies. The temporary landing site is sectioned off with cones.

Residents are asked to stay outside of the active construction zone of the helipad, and the Bay Road area. 

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