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We are pleased to update members of Lax Kw’Alaams on funding received from the Government of Canada which was used to assist the Band with the COVID pandemic

Canada has so far provided the Band with $465,901 in funding. LNG Canada has further made a contribution of $10,000. These monies were for on-reserve emergency measures and included such things as food during the community lockdown, security, increased nursing and student notebooks to assist with at-home learning during the school’s closure. The chart below shows you where those monies were spent.

Canada announced off-reserve funding but these monies are not being handled by the Band. Rather, societies and friendship centres are handling these funds for offreserve members.

We anticipate a second round of funding and await the contribution amount. We will advise in a subsequent posting.

Gas total 1%
Nurses expenses 8%
Local Internet/cable 7%
Security Wages 9%
Student note books/Gifts/Bandwidth 21%
Food/Freight/Taxi/Sanitizers 54%
Plexi glass/trolly/pad locks/chains/sinage 0%

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