2020 10 26  Biotoxin Update (1)  –  Mussel samples only

General Information

Area openings are dependent upon regular submission and analysis of samples for biotoxin analysis, as set out in a biotixin monitoring protocol administered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Three consecutive mussel samples, along with a sample of the targeted food species containing acceptable levels of biotoxin must be received in order for CFIA to recommend lifting a harvest restriction in an area.  CFIA will recommend lifting the biotoxin prohibition and a harvest site can then be considered by DFO for fisheries openings.  Once an area is open, ongoing submission of mussel samples is required to maintain the opening.  CFIA will recommend closure of the harvest area to DFO if there is a lapse in sample submissions or if unacceptable levels of toxin are detected (>80 ug STXdiHCI eq/100g; >20 ppm domoic acid (ASP); >0.2 ug/g Okadoic Acid /DTX Toxin and/or Pectenotoxin (DSP)).

Results:                                Station:                                              DFO STAT Area:

PASSED (<25 ug)                STEAMER PASSAGE                         3 – 08

PASSED (<25 ug)                CANOE PASSAGE                              3 – 07

PASSED (<25 ug)                PEARL HARBOUR                             4 – 06

PASSED (<25 ug)                CLAM INLET                                      4 – 05

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lax Kw’alaams Fisheries at (250) 627-8509 or email [email protected]

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