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Members are advised that Council has rescinded the local state of emergency in Lax Kw’alaams. 

Everyone is urged to continue practicing social distancing, hand cleansing and caution when touching anything that can carry the virus. Until such time as a vaccine is developed, we are all still at risk, so please be mindful of yourself and your neighbour.

Band members may now travel in and out of the community. Local residents will start seeing contractors and businesses in the community, but please do not approach them. Each has been instructed to abide by COVID-19 restrictions applicable for their respective industry so do not initiate contact. Let them do their work.

The Band has engaged a nurse who will be screening passengers at Aero Point. Please cooperate for the safety of our community.

Band members should also be aware that Transport Canada has restrictions on social distancing on our ferry. This will impact the number of walk-ons. Whereas walk-ons were always permitted last minute boarding, you may now be refused, so please check with reservations. Transport Canada restrictions may supersede local decisions, so be mindful of these limitations.

The school will remain closed and students will continue their studies through distance education, Likewise the recreation complex, gym, and activities with children will remain closed. Our critical concern is social distancing.  

Be safe. Be healthy.

Garry Reece

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