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The confirmation of COVID-19 cases within close proximity to our community has resulted in more vigilance being taken by the Emergency Measures Committee.

  1. Anyone violating isolation restrictions imposed upon them will be fined $750.
  2. The Emergency Measures Committee has identified six (6) isolated housing units where individuals may be forced to carry out their 14 day isolation. If you do not agree to isolate in these units, you will not be permitted entry into the community. Waivers may be given upon the discretion of Administration.
  3. Retail grocery outlets are no longer permitted to go to Rupert for their orders. They are obliged to get staff in Rupert to place these orders on the ferry. No contact is permitted.
  4. We are increasing security at access points and amending hours of operations at Tuck Inlet and the Harbour.

The situation is serious. Please think of your community.

Stay at home. Be safe. Practice social distancing.

This is not a game. It is human life.

Garry Reece

Please see the video message from Garry Reece, Mayor of Lax Kw’alaams, regarding Advisory #6, and the increased controls on incoming traffic, and penalties for non-compliance.

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