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As resident can now see, we have slowly been increasing our response to the COVID-19 virus as daily updates become available to us. An Emergency Measures Committee has been meeting for the last month and as of this weekend, we are meeting daily.

The Committee is comprised of the Mayor, two nurses, Administration, the EMO coordinator, infrastructure personnel, the principal and when required, the RCMP. Others are supplying us various updates, as required. The Committee has been authorized, by way of Council motion, and by law, to make fast decisions in the interest of the community.

The community should be aware that Council has approved that delegation of authority. This authority was provided at the outset. This is standard legal procedure in any emergency situation.

The committee saw that the COVID-19 virus has been confirmed in a community very close to us and that four cases in that community are now being tested. We also knew that we have elders with compromised health issues and that some have existing respiratory issues that aren’t related to the virus. The committee also knew that we have no respirators and that Prince Rupert has very few. We also knew that if we have one case, the likelihood that it quickly spreads is worrisome.

Our decision to close the community is a good one. We understand that it has caused hardship, we are extremely sensitive to the inconvenience it has caused, but the health of our community must take precedence. If the virus enters our community, some members will risk their lives. We will not allow this to happen.

We thank those who have kicked in and helped. We welcome everyone’s input but at the end of the day, we need to take decisive action.

Be healthy,

Garry Reece

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