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Council has declared a state of emergency for Lax Kw’alaams and has decided to limit ferry traffic to RESIDENTS LIVING ON RESERVE ONLY. Members living off reserve will NOT be allowed to return to the community apart from certain scenarios as outlined below. THIS WILL TAKE EFFECT ON FRIDAY MARCH 27, 2020.

Non-members will be refused boarding the ferry unless they are considered an essential service and have clearance from Administration. Recreational and commercial fishermen will not be allowed into the community.

We have students who wish to return. We also have Band members who live on-reserve but they are temporarily elsewhere for a variety of reasons. These individuals will be allowed to return but they must SELF ISOLATE for 14 days once they are in the community. Please also be aware that anyone entering Prince Rupert from Terrace are now required to self isolate in Prince Rupert. Kindly read the details on self isolation here: www.bccdc.ca

Advisory #3

Members living on-reserve may go to Prince Rupert to buy groceries, but we ask that you be careful and that you buy for others in order to limit travel. One person can go for the entire family. One person can buy for several families. Please do your part. We understand that there are now individual grocery limits imposed on people but do the best you can.

If you must go for groceries, wash your hands constantly while on your trip. Use hand sanitizer. Be careful of the small things you may never have thought about like holding the handle at the gas pump, inputting your PIN number into the bank machine, or opening a door. BE CAREFUL.

Teachers will not be allowed to return, and we are making plans with the principal for distance education. The office will remain open half days but PLEASE, one person can come into the office at a time. While in the lineup outside, please practice social distancing. We have painted lines on the sidewalk… stay within those boundaries.

We will tighten up or relax restrictions as events unfold. Please continue to watch the Lax Kw’alaams Band’s website and Facebook page for updates.

Garry Reece

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