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Members are advised that Council is becoming concerned with confirmed cases of COVID in Haida Gwaii, the Site C dam near Fort St. John, and St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, where some of our members often frequent as patients.

As political leaders we do not wish to raise fears, but in case we have to shut down our community, we ask that you start preparing. If there is a confirmed case in Prince Rupert, it is likely we could be taking more vigilant action without warning so please consider this as a guide moving forward.

We strongly suggest that you:

  1. Start stocking up on food.
  2. Continue social distancing (6 feet) especially in the office, the post office, the health centre, Tuck Inlet and Aero Point. Stay in your vehicles while waiting for the ferry.
  3. Wash your hands several times a day
  4. Do not attend parties at night. Learn from the mistakes in Florida and Texas.
  5. Don’t be selfish. This is not only about you. It is about your neighbour, the elders, our community. Do your part.

Be safe. Be healthy.

Garry Reece

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