UAPIC Piping Foundation – Terrace Campus November 24, 2014.

UAPIC Piping Foundation

Piping Foundation (Level l Apprentice ship) program starts at the Terrace Campus November 24, 2014. This 18 week program gives the participant the option of pursuing a Plumbing/ Steamfitting or Sprinkle fitting apprenticeship.

The student then takes the level l exam in their chosen trade . After successfully completing the program,the student gets credit for completion in Level l Piping Foundation in the trade of their choice by the Industry Training Authority.

Funding is based on LMA eligibility and is available to Aboriginal, Women or Immigrant participants; the participant will not qualify if the participant has been funded and taken any other foundation program that was previously funded with LMA funds.

In addition there is other criteria and can be determined on the LMA Participant Eligibility Worksheet. If they fit the criteria then an Canada/British Columbia Labour Market Agreement Intake form can be completed and forwarded to Carolyn Barkman at prior to the start date.

You can download the application here:

Download PDF

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