Statement from Mayor Reece

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(December 3, 2014)

Lax Kw’alaams Band Council and our community have come through a difficult period over the last few months. I’m pleased to have been reinstated by the courts and I look forward to resuming important Council business that has been delayed during the recent period of uncertainty. I and other members of Council have already been working to assess Council’s priorities in the coming days and weeks. At a Council meeting on November 26th, Council took numerous important steps to get Band business on track and moving ahead, including initiating a process to find a new full-time Band Administrator. My focus, and my Council’s focus, will be on the needs and priorities of our community and members. I will be working immediately with all of Council to improve Council relations, so that Council can function productively. As an early step, we will be engaging professional consultants to assist Council on governance matters. As matters progress, we will be utilizing the Band’s communication system to regularly update members.

Thank you,

Mayor Reece

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