Notice to Members

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On Thursday, November 27th an email was sent to members under Band letterhead with a document making a number of statements about Council business. This email was unauthorized and the person sending the email did not identify themselves. The email also contained a report from an individual named Jerome Malysh, described as a ‘forensic auditor’.

The report from Mr. Malysh is not a ‘forensic audit’ but it confirms that “There are good controls over the accounting systems that are routinely applied by the Finance Department staff” and “The Band year-end Financial Statements are prepared by an independent accounting and auditing firm”  and agrees our financial statements conform to national standards.

While we believe the work of Mr. Malysh is unnecessary and duplicates our independent audit, I have decided that he should complete his financial reporting, to put to rest many of the irresponsible allegations that have been made to the Band by some Councillors.  We will also be bringing in a governance expert to deal with any other issues raised.

The other document, apparently by unnamed Councillors, contains a number of misleading or mistaken claims, showing a lack of understanding of Band business. However, I believe members should have a complete report on these matters. As Mayor, I promise you Council will be preparing a full response to each of the issues, and delivering that to members in the next few weeks on this website, and in community meetings. In the meantime, I ask that you support your elected Council, as we work through these difficult times.

Mayor Garry Reece, December 2, 2014

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