First edition of the B.C. Career Pathways Guidebook: Mining Careers is now available


We’d like to offer a copy of the B.C. Career Pathways Guidebook: Mining Careers. This Guidebook is a resource that contains information about the mining industry in B.C., the many interesting career possibilities within the sector, and highlights the potential education and training providers within B.C. that have specific industry related training.

The Guidebook is provided by the recently created B.C. Centre of Training Excellence in Mining (CTEM). CTEM is a province-wide virtual hub that facilitates collaborative, innovative training solutions for the mining industry and B.C. Communities. Its mission is to connect industry, students, communities and training providers to help them meet their respective employment needs and to play a leading role in determining industry skills requirements, facilitating related training and supporting partners.

Below are attached some sample pages from the guidebook. Click the link below to review the Samples, or the button at the bottom to download them.

If you are interested in receiving a free copy, we would be happy to send you one. Please contact Lisa Green, the Education Coordinator, at 1-877-725-3293 Ex 230, so she can request one on your behalf.

Download PDF

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